De-Archaicizing the Archai

This blog will be related to my current doctoral research in late Neoplatonic metaphysics (currently analyzing first principles, causality, and specifically the Neoplatonic One’s causality in Proclus and Damascius). I intend to publish short translations/excerpts of texts or brief outlines/summaries of arguments I will elaborate in my thesis chapters. In addition I would like to publish other non-thesis-but-related topics, such as causality in 3rd-4th century AD Aristotelians, earlier Neoplatonists, etc. In the future, after completion of my PhD, I hope to continue publishing on related topics. I am generally interested in topics of causality, first principles, and metaphysics in general for ancient and late antiquity philosophy, while I’m also interested in locating parallels in contemporary metaphysical discussions on causation, explanation, and grounding.